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I'll look at both your charts and focus on this:

Where your Venus is
Where their Venus is
We’ll compare Venus to Venus

Venus is the planet of love & pleasure and it rules over your capacity to express affection, what attracts you, and how you respond to partners & loved ones. Depending on where it is in your chart it can answer questions like what kind of lover is best for you and what your needs are. Knowing where your Venus is, and where their Venus is can help you to understand one another’s love language.

Where your Mars is
Where their Mars is
We’ll compare Mars to Mars

Mars is the planet of physical energy. It rules your sex drive, your passions, your forcefulness & your aggression. Mars also moves you to action. It also governs your impulses, your ambitions & your desires and how you act on them. This is an important aspect to help you understand why they do what they do…. but also why you do what y
ou do.

Where your Mercury is
Where their Mercury is
We’ll compare Mercury to Mercury

Mercury is the planet of intelligence & understanding. Communication styles are ruled by Mercury as is perception, reasoning, memory and observation. This influence will have a strong impact on how you express your feelings and or love to a partner, and how they express this same energy to you.

Information needed to complete this report is your exact birth data
*Time of birth — to your very best knowledge
*Location of birth — not the street… but absolutely the town or city.

This report will come to you as a PDF that you can print or save. It's detailed, and it's written just for you. (not computer report generated) Please allow up to 6 weeks to get it to you. These reports are completed in the order that they are requested.