Seeing as how I have plenty to say about what to use and when to use it….

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The Tingle Tip Toothbrush Vibrator

This little device packs a pretty big punch in a very multiple orgasmic kind of way. It really does do what it says: it's small, it's powerful, it's discreet (if you need it to be), and it works ... almost immediately. If you're building an arsenal of personal toys with one to fit your every mood then this little baby is your get-it-right-now-no-time-to-waste addition. tingletip® gives "gotta go brush my teeth" a whole new very sexy meaning.

... and when they say it fits most Braun Oral-B toothbrushes except for certain ones ... like the CrossAction. That's because it doesn't. Proud owner of two new Oral-B's. One for work (brushing) and one for play (tingletip-ing) and I can assure you that the tingletip's battery will be the first to go.

You can get a
Tingle Tip from Amazon for approx 22$ + Shipping
Visit the
Tingle Tip site for FAQs