I never thought I'd be famous for my ass.
Asa Akira
Asa Akira, Queen of Anal ... and DP (double penetration) ... That's quite the title to own. Drawn first by David Choe's cover art work and then by the possibility of a forbidden peak inside one of the world's most lucrative industries I wondered what could this little gem of a book hold for me personally. Lots actually as it turns out. Not telling you exactly what that might be though. Asa Akira is funny, she's brutally honest about herself and the porn industry. Whether you're looking for the background of why she does what she does, or first hand graphic retellings that make you feel like you're right there greased up with the cast ... you'll find it. It's her story and I liked it.

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By Melinda Duchamp
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115 pages
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Oh, you don’t want to go all fifty shades and tie your own ass to the bed and wait for master to arrive? Then Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland is the book for you.

I love to read and I love sex. No particular order required. Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland gives me both and just the way I want it, wild, wonderful and with just a touch of fairy tale madness.

Duchamp has taken an old stand by and dirtied it up without removing the fantastical aspect of the original. Who on earth can fall that far down a rabbit hole? A hole that leads to a land of debauchery, wild characters, even wilder sex, fabulous asses, and satisfaction for all concerned. A land where everyone’s getting a whole lot of something something just the way they want it. Well, as it turns out, soon to be very dirty Alice can topple down that dark tunnel and when she gets there fulfill many a lustful need, including her own. Anal, flogging, spanking, public nakedness, nipple pinching, and the absolute connectedness of agony and ecstasy, (and that’s just the half of it) are all covered in delicious detail. Alice is one tired sore individual by book’s end.

Obviously Ms. Duchamp is riding the coat tails of the Fifty Shades phenomenon, but makes no bones about it. Fifty Shades of Alice in Wonderland is what it is: A total parody. One that entertains, informs, and is totally hot.

Lily Lick

I’m loving the art work —
swing by Miasha
ISBN-13: 978-1-61775-264-3


Part of the Infamous Books imprint, curated by Albert “Prodigy” Johnson

To Swing – according to Merriam-Webster this means to shift or fluctuate from one condition, form, position, or object of attention or favor to another: also, to engage freely in sex. Author MIASHA successfully takes us right there to the dirty goings on at the Puss & Boots Swingers Club and then she takes us out on the road and inside the private lives of her deceptively innocent characters.

Swing is the tale of 4 couples whose secrets if exposed threaten to destroy more than their own relationships: Owners Lyssa and Jacob, regulars Danielle and Stewart, May December duo, Juju and Ferrari, and just getting into it couple, Tori and Kevin. Just who are the innocent parties here and who will do whatever it takes to protect the one that they love?

Swing is a very entertaining read: devious characters, murderous lovers, plot twists, and plenty of hot sex. Who could ask for anything more?